Canada Greener Homes Grant Program

Want to cut your heating bills by more than 50% and get up to a $6500 government rebate?

Interested in making your home more energy-efficient? A1 can help. We will guide you through your retrofit options and help pick and install the correct equipment that will be eligible for reimbursement through the Canada Greener Homes Grant program. Contact us today to get all the details to kick-start your grant process!

What is the program all about?

Canada Greener Homes Grant is a federal government program designed to help Canadian homeowners make their homes more energy-efficient and help to reduce greenhouse emissions. The Canada Greener Homes Grant initiative will contribute to the Government of Canada’s objective to exceed our 2030 emissions target and achieve “net-zero” by 2050. Homeowners can take this opportunity to become better prepared for required changes that will come in the future for existing homes and buildings.

Overall, the program is worth $2.6 billion over seven years. That’s impressive. Additionally, the program supports Canadian businesses by requiring all products (used for the eligible retrofits) must be purchased in Canada. Online purchases are only eligible if they are ordered from an online distributor located in Canada.

More details can be found at Canada Greener Homes Grant (

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In summary, as a homeowner, you have access to:

  • up to $600 for a home evaluation and expert advice so you can begin to plan your retrofits
  • up to $6,500 total to help you make energy efficiency retrofits to your home

You may choose to do multiple retrofits but, in all cases, the maximum grant will not exceed $6,500 total.

What are my choices for retro-fits?

Heat pumps for space and water heating – up to $6,500

  • Ground source heat pump
  • Air and cold climate heat pumps
  • Heat pump water heaters (max $1000)

Home insulation – up to $5,000

  • Attic/ceiling insulation, exterior wall insulation, basement and crawlspace insulation

Air-sealing – up to $1,000

Living room image with wall air conditioning cooling unit

Windows and doors – up to $5000

  • Replace your windows or glass doors with ENERGY STAR® certified models.

Thermostats – up to $50

  • Add a smart thermostat to help improve your comfort and save money on your energy bill (must be combined with another retrofit).

Renewable solar energy panels/system – up to $5,000

Home resiliency measures – up to $2625 (must be combined with another energy efficiency retrofit)

What are some of the “ineligible retrofits”?

  • Retrofits that were done before a pre-retrofit evaluation
  • Retrofits that were done before December 1, 2020
  • Leased or rented equipment
  • Tankless or storage water heaters, other than heat pump water heaters
  • Skylights
  • Air conditioners
  • Furnaces and boilers (unless you live in a northern/off-grid community)
  • Roofs

Note also that “new homes” are not eligible for the grant. Newly built homes are defined as homes that are six months old or less, based on the date of occupancy by the first homeowner. This will apply to homeowners at the time of application.

Who is eligible?

All homeowners in Canada can apply for a grant – only one homeowner per home can register.

To receive a grant, you will have to provide proof of ownership of your property and demonstrate the property is your primary residence.

What are the steps to get a Canada Greener Homes Grant?

  • Get educated about the program – A1 can help!
    All of our A1 Solution Specialists are fully trained in understanding all the eligibility criteria, home requirements, and the entire grant process from beginning to end.
  • Register with the Greener Homes Grant program online (through their online portal) Up to 700,000 grants will be available!
  • Book your pre-retrofit evaluation: Your pre-retrofit EnerGuide evaluation is the next step in improving the energy efficiency of your home. This evaluation is mandatory before you undertake your retrofits and will be performed by an NRCan registered energy advisor.
  • Plan, document and complete your retrofits: After evaluation, you will need to complete at least one retrofit that is both eligible and recommended by your energy advisor.
  • Book your post-retrofit evaluation: After you have completed eligible home upgrades, you can schedule the post-retrofit evaluation and submit the required documents online or by mail. Once your post-retrofit evaluation is complete, your new EnerGuide label will show you how much more energy-efficient your home has become.
  • Receive your reimbursement: You will receive an email asking you to confirm your grant total. Once you confirm your grant total online, you will receive your cheque in the mail.

Still got questions? No worries. Contact us today and we would be happy to explain the program details and get you started on your grant process!

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