Water Heaters

A necessity in today’s modern life

Having a water heater is a necessity in today’s modern life, which means that there are very few people who haven’t used one.

Traditional water heaters are rather simple units, but installing one can be more complicated than you would expect.

Our A1 installers have the right skill set to install hot water tanks and tankless units. We strongly recommended calling for the assistance of a professional, rather than doing it on your own

Hot water tanks are natural gas-powered products, so they require additional knowledge of plumbing and electrical skills to service and install the units.

Our A1 Solution Specialists are happy to discuss your hot water heating options and recommend what is best for your home (and your budget!).

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Genius Power-Vented Hot Water Tank

50 Gallon & 60 Gallon – Manufactured in Canada

  • This high-performance natural gas residential water heater is equipped with a high efficiency 40,000 BTU burner, silicon nitride igniter and a factory-installed safety valve
  • Excellent thermal efficiency to save money
  • ENERGY STAR certified to save 14% in energy
  • It’s GreenFoam® ecological foam insulation contains no HCFCs, CFCs nor VOCs
  • Full brass drain port where a lot of other brands cheap out for plastic
  • Covered by a 6-year limited warranty against parts from the date of installation

Genius Natural Draft Water Heater

50 Gallon & 60 Gallon  – Manufactured in Canada

  • 38,000-47,000 BTUs
  • Equipped with eco-friendly burners (LOW NOx) for effective, pollution-free combustion
  • A thick uniform blanket of Greenfoam® eco-friendly insulation keeps the water hotter for longer periods, reduces standby losses and energy costs
  • Greenfoam® contains no HCFC’S , CFC’S, HFC’S nor VOC’S (volatile organic compounds)
  • Covered by a 6-year limited warranty against parts from the date of installation

*These water heaters require a chimney

Genius Electric Water Heater

22 Gallon – Manufactured in Canada

  • Ideal for installation in cottages, offices, stores, and individual washrooms
  • Provides superior heat retention and efficiency while being environmentally friendly
  • Automatic temperature control –Adjustable thermostat will provide years of reliable trouble-free service at the desired water temperature and a safety cut-off is provided for abnormal conditions
  • Excellent protection against the corrosive effects of water and extends tank life
  • Covered by a 6-year limited warranty against parts from the date of installation

Never run out of hot water again with a tankless hot water system!

A1 also sells and installs high quality tankless water heaters. Tankless water heaters deliver an endless supply of hot water on demand. Although more expensive upfront to buy, they are very energy-efficient, eco-friendly systems that help save you money over the long run!

As hot water is required, the tankless water heater fires up to supply hot water on demand. There is no storage tank and therefore has no standby heat loss. Significant efficiency is also gained from a tankless simply due to cleaner and better-controlled combustion process.

The result is endless hot water, 30%-40% higher efficiency and up to 80% lower NOx emissions.

Navien Tankless Hot Water Heater

  • An endless amount of hot water all day!
  • ENERGY STAR rating highest in its category
  • Built-in anti-scald feature means safety for your family
  • Navitech™ exclusive stainless-steel heat exchanger for longevity
  • Low noise level – whisper quiet
  • Sleek compact design – can be wall-mounted
  • Backed by the industry’s strongest warranty — 15 years on heat exchangers

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