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At A1, we want only the best for you.  Let’s make sure the air inside your home is perfect. Every day.

The furnace business is filled with commodity products with average performance– and we know it’s hard to choose. So, put your mind at ease. Let A1 introduce to you the highest quality furnace you will find on the market – proudly made by Daikin and expertly installed by A1.

Founded in Japan in 1924, Daikin is the largest heating and air conditioning manufacturer in the world. With over 50 million units installed worldwide, their reputation for research, design and product innovation is unsurpassed. They are simply the best.

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And, we’re not the only ones who think so. They pride themselves in being a “globally-local” brand. Daikin Canada has won the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient Product award for three years in a row. Quite an achievement.

Daikin’s ongoing commitment to innovation, quality and leading-edge technology lines up perfectly with our A1 values. You will be proud to have a Daikin furnace in your home.

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Why Daikin?

Daikin is famous for their meticulous commitment to the design, performance and reliability of their furnaces – including the key components inside those systems. Invest your money in a furnace that is built to last.

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Technology expertise for your optimum home comfort

Daikin furnaces have been designed and engineered to provide years of consistent indoor comfort — delivering more control, energy efficiency and long-term peace of mind for you and your family.

  1. Primary tubular stainless-steel heat exchanger for outstanding durability and heat transfer
  2. Secondary stainless-steel heat exchanger for increased efficiency and additional comfort as compared to models with only a primary heat exchanger
  3. Efficient and quiet ECM motor gently ramps up or down according to furnace performance demand
  4. Quiet, variable-speed induced draft blower provides precise control and enhanced energy-efficient performance as compared to single speed blowers
  5. Durable silicon nitride igniter eliminates the need for an energy-wasting pilot light
  6. Self-diagnostic control board continuously monitors the system for consistent, reliable operation
  7. Thermal insulated cabinet provides air leakage of less than 2% to maximize heat transfer efficiency and lower blower noise

All Daikin furnaces come with a life-time heat exchanger limited warranty and 12-year parts limited warranty.

Our Daikin furnaces also perform well with indoor air quality add-ons, such as HEPA filters, UV lights and humidifiers.

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“A1 Air Conditioning & Heating is proud to have earned the designation of Daikin Comfort Pro.

Expert installation and regular maintenance are the most important factors affecting the reliability, efficiency and lifespan of an HVAC system. That is why the Daikin brand is sold and installed exclusively by factory authorized dealers, known as Daikin Comfort Professionals.

Daikin Comfort Pro Technicians are highly trained and must keep up with continuing education to ensure that they will be fully qualified to install and maintain your Daikin system. 

Additionally, Daikin Comfort Pros are trained to evaluate your home and current system to help you decide on the best home comfort solutions customized just for you.”

“At A1, our ultimate goal as a Daikin Comfort Pro is to be your HVAC service provider for life.”

– Peter Messenger, President

Daikin 60,000-120,000 BTU

  • Up to 98% AFUE – converts up to 98 cents of every energy dollar into home heating comfort
  • Modulating gas valve
  • Efficient and quiet variable-speed induced draft blower motor
  • Compatible with any smart thermostat including the state-of-art Daikin One+ smart thermostat
  • 12-year unit replacement limited warranty
  • ENERGY STAR certified – Most Efficient 2020 award
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Daikin 40,000-120,000 BTU

  • Up to 96% AFUE – converts up to 96 cents of every energy dollar into home heating comfort
  • Two-stage gas valve
  • Efficient and quiet variable-speed induced draft blower motor
  • Quiet two-speed induced draft blower
  • Compatible with any smart thermostat including the state-of-art Daikin One+ smart thermostat
  • 12-year unit replacement limited warranty
  • ENERGY STAR certified
Daikin Furnace Image daikin furnaces
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A1’s extra value installation

When A1 installs your new Daikin furnace, we include lots of extra value personalized just for your installation.

  • State-of-the-art sheet metal equipment
  • Custom-made heavy gauge ductwork ($275 value)
  • Adjustable furnace feet ($50 value)
  • Cased evaporator coil ($200 value)
  • Drain vent ($30 value)
  • Custom-made document pocket ($30 value)
  • Furnace and coil inspection box ($75 value)
  • Furnace return air box ($100 value)
  • Combustion access “T” ($20 value)
  • Coil inspection ($30 value)

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