HEPA Air Purification

What is HEPA?

HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance. It is a special type of fibrous material media designed to be the best form of air filtration. It has been well-proven and tested over the years.

Are all HEPA filters the same?

There are lots of impersonators in this category. For a filter to be called “True HEPA”, it must be “certified”, in that it can remove a minimum of 99.9% of all particles 0.3 microns and larger on the first pass of air going through it.

Interestingly, the HEPA filter becomes more efficient as it becomes dirtier with time.

A1 is proud to say that our HEPA Air Cleaner contains certified True HEPA Filters and also True HEPA Air Cleaners. It is the real thing, so rest easy.

Whole-House True HEPA Air Cleaner

If you need the finest of air filtration, then this top-of-the-line HEPA filtration system will really deliver for you and your family.

Why purchase a Whole-House HEPA Air Cleaner with a carbon filter?

  • Allergy, asthma or respiratory sufferers will feel a significant difference in air quality
  • Housekeeping time will be drastically reduced
  • New homeowners and renovators will be greatly protected from the excessive dust and odours off-gassed from new carpets, construction materials, paints, etc.
  • Households with pets, offensive cooking odours and mustiness will find a noticeable difference in air quality

Amaircare HEPA Air Purification Systems

A1 is proud to introduce the high-quality line of Amaircare® HEPA Air Filtration Systems for both residential and commercial uses.

All products are made in Canada and produced with the highest of standards.

This fully insulated installed HEPA Air Filtration System is whisper quiet and extremely efficient for removals of particulate, bacteria and VOCs.

Residential Use – The Airwash Whisper

The Amaircare Airwash Whisper 350 is a high-quality, whisper-quiet HEPA air purification unit:

  • Captures large particulates with the first stage foam prefilter, then harmful and irritating particulates are trapped with the second stage HEPA filter that locks in place. Chemical and gas pollution are absorbed by the third stage carbon VOC filter.
  • Mounts on the return air portion of the air handling system and does not impact the HVAC system or endanger your HVAC warranty.
  • 30% of air from the return air duct is diverted, cleaned and introduced back to circulation.
  • High-performance airflow at a low running cost, with minimal drain on electricity resources plus years of continuous performance.
  • Made in Canada and covered by a 5-year limited warranty.

The Airwash Whisper 650 is also available, designed for larger spaces up to 5,000 sq. ft. We’d be happy to provide expert advice as to which unit would best suit your needs.

I have used A1 Air conditioning for over 15 years. I recently down-sized and my new house needed some equipment upgrades. I did not hesitate to call A1. Their annual service plan and inspections have kept our homes in tip-top condition. Our service technician is highly experienced and knowledgeable. The most important aspect of A1 is the high level of service. When it’s -40ºC and your furnace is not working, you will be glad that A1 is there to make things right.

David, Mississauga

Commercial Use – Amaircare Airwash 4000

Do you need a portable product to purify your air in your office, waiting room or other type of commercial space?

As we return to work, air ventilation and circulation is top-of-mind for both managers and employees. Effective removal of airborne contaminants can help improve your indoor air quality.

Don’t let VOCs affect work efficiency, quality or the health and safety of your work environment

The Amaircare Airwash 4000 is a high powered commercial-grade air scrubber that focuses on particulate and VOCs, gases and odours.  This is a top-quality, heavy-duty portable air purifier – you can move the system around commercial and industrial areas smoothly with the bottom-mounted castors.

How it works

We all know that air pollution is a hazard, but how it affects each individual can remain unclear.

This image provides a visual illustration of the sizing of some particulate substances. A visual grasp of the size of pollution particles plays an important role in understanding the benefit of HEPA removal at 0.3 microns.

Amaircare HEPA systems are so efficient that laboratory testing revealed removal of 95% of particles at 0.1 microns!

Why “clean means clean” with the Amaircare HEPA Air Filtration System

Includes a Perfect Seal certified HEPA filter media as part of a 3-stage filtration process:

  • 1st stage: Prefilter filters large particulate and captures some VOCs
  • 2nd stage: HEPA Filter filters bioburden, particulate and attached VOCs
  • 3rd stage: Inner Carbon Filter captures any residual VOCs

Some other great benefits

  • High-quality HEPA air purification unit that is perfect for areas that need extreme VOC removal
  • The combination of an activated charcoal canister and a very high-quality HEPA filter is the best pairing for cleaner air
  • All air in the area is run through the powerful air scrubber and contaminants are effectively reduced and/or removed
  • Effortless mobility – move from room to room
  • Easy to maintain and change out the filters when needed
  • Covered by a 5-year limited warranty

Our triple-certified Technicians at A1 can help answer any further questions that you have about HEPA air purification. Contact us today to learn more!


Our triple-certified Technicians at A1 can help answer any further questions that you have about indoor air quality.
Contact A1 today to learn more! If you prefer, call us directly at: (647) 370-7968.

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