Smart Thermostats

A1 sells and installs a variety of smart thermostats for your home. Smart thermostats can mean energy savings over time as well as optimizing how your HVAC system is running. Essentially, everything is easier and works better.

Enjoy the ability to control your heat or AC from your phone on your way home from work or the cottage. Or being able to tell Alexa to turn up the heat when you are cold or stream your favourite music. Convenience at your fingertips!

Talk to our A1 Solution Specialists about some of this amazing innovation. Our triple-certified Technicians will do the set-up so you can enjoy the results.

Did you know?

Much like a thermostat regulates the temperature inside your home, the hypothalamus regulates your body temperature. It responds to internal and external stimuli, making adjustments to keep our body within one or two degrees of 98.6 degrees.

Daikin One+ smart thermostat

A cloud-connected hub of sophistication, integrated for controlling temperature, humidity and air quality.

  • Integrated WiFi connects to your internet (via a home router) to the cloud and your mobile application
  • The Daikin cloud will also seamlessly integrate with open smart home architectures, including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, enabling you to effortlessly use features such as voice control
  • Recognizes when everyone is away and changes settings to reduce energy use
  • Offers humidity controls (both adding moisture and removing it) and air quality monitoring
  • Currently compatible with Daikin furnace and AC equipment
  • Backed by an outstanding 12-year limited warranty

ecobee3 lite thermostat

Where true comfort meets savings.

  • Works seamlessly with Apple HomeKit on all iOS devices including Apple Watch and leading smart home ecosystems including the Google Assistant
  • Heats and cools more efficiently over time by factoring in weather patterns and HVAC system performance. Plus, monthly energy reports show how much you saved and how to save even more
  • ENERGY STAR certified
Smart home thermostat
Smart home thermostat

ecobee smart thermostat with voice control

With more expanded features to enjoy.

  • SmartSensor included in the box
  • Alexa built-in
  • Hands-free calling and intercom
  • Spotify and Bluetooth streaming

Tekmar Invita® WiFi Thermostat 564

  • Controls and adjusts settings with simple voice commands when you connect Invita to Google Home or Amazon Echo.
  • Invita will notify homeowners via e-mail when there are HVAC operation or maintenance issues
  • Ability to control two accessories like a humidifier or ventilation unit
  • Notifies of water leaks with connection to Watts FloodSafe® Water Detector Shutoff
  • Available in white and black

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