Rent vs Buy

What is the difference between renting vs. buying HVAC equipment?

One thing we’ve learned over the years is that each home that we enter is different than the last. Homes come in many shapes and sizes, but all are expensive to maintain. We understand that HVAC equipment can feel like one more expensive thing to worry about.

If you buy your new HVAC equipment outright, you will need to pay the total purchase amount upfront. You own the equipment in full, after installation and payment has been made. You are responsible for all servicing of your HVAC equipment and any required repairs over time.

There are many different types of rental programs in the market. Renting usually means $0 down, with structured monthly payments for the term of the contract. Service and repairs are usually covered in the contract.

Renting is most appealing to those who do not have the initial large cash outlay to buy, and are more comfortable with monthly payments. It will cost more to rent in the long run but it is easier on your wallet today.

Some competitors offer monthly payments that can last forever, with expensive buy-outs if you want to stop renting. Or you can also experience unexpected increases in your monthly rental rates over time. Lots of conditions and terms can be buried in the fine print of rental contracts, so you have to be very careful. This is where the details really matter!

How A1’s CompleteCare program is different (and better!)

At A1, we are proud to say that our CompleteCare Ownership Plan is honest, straightforward and easy to understand. Read on…

There are no hidden surprises and your low monthly payments will never increase over time. We are very transparent with our customers so you will always know the exact benefits and terms of your agreement.

We think it is better for your monthly payments to go toward owning your equipment in the end. So, you are not throwing your money out the window.

Yes, renting costs more over time than buying but with our program, you own your asset at the end. And that is a good thing!

Our CompleteCare Ownership Plan at A1 is both affordable and worry-free. A great combination.

“Don’t be skeptical about the thought of renting a furnace or AC with A1. Our rental program is built on transparency and integrity. No confusing fine print. Clear terms. We are different. You’ll see!”

Peter Messenger, President of A1


Our A1 Solution Specialists can help answer any further questions that you have about our CompleteCare Ownership Plan.
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