Air Conditioner Checklist

Expert AC maintenance that helps everyone keep their cool

Regular maintenance can help extend the life of your cooling equipment.

A1 recommends that you have regular professional maintenance performed on your home air conditioning once a year. Spring is the best time. However, to ensure your system continues to work efficiently, you can do some “light housekeeping” on a regular basis.

  • Change or clean your air filters regularly. It’s super important to keep the airflow moving at efficient levels
  • Keep the surrounding area around your air conditioner free and clear of debris, shrubs and loose branches
  • Adjust your inside thermostat levels for proper cooling temperatures

For $199, A1 offers an 18-point AC precision tune-up. Call us anytime to book this standalone service. A1 is here to help!

There are several reasons why air conditioner maintenance is worth it:

Saves you money

  • Prevents costly breakdowns
  • Reduces energy bills
  • Extends the life of your system
  • Remains covered under the manufacturer’s warranty

Keeps your home safer

  • Avoids no-heat situations that could lead to frozen pipes
  • Safeguards against the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning

Improves your air quality

  • Reduces levels of airborne pollutants
  • Ensures air is clear and well-filtered

Helps the environment

  • Well-maintained HVAC systems use less fuel
  • Programmable thermostats help regular use

Improves your home comfort

  • Distributes warm/cool air more evenly and steadily
  • Reduces the odds of a breakdown or repair

Provides peace of mind

  • Sleep easy knowing your heating and cooling systems are working at their most optimal

Here’s what we cover with our 18-point AC tune-up:

Inspect refrigerant lines, joints and coils for leaks to ensure there is no refrigerant illegally leaking into the atmosphere
  • Only certified Technicians, like our team at A1, may perform work (installing, servicing, leak testing, charging or other work that may result in the release of a halocarbon) on a refrigeration or air conditioning system. All such work must be done in accordance with the Refrigerant Code of Practice.
air conditioner tune-up
Measure line voltage, measure amperage draw to the motor, check for hot spots
  • Air conditioners have lots of moving parts that require electricity to run. A1 Technicians are certified to deal with electrical issues regarding your air conditioner and can ensure everything is in working order
  • Trying to change parts yourself is definitely not recommended. Despite what the videos show online, you can be seriously hurt by voltage even when the AC unit is turned off. Let our professionals do the work – safety is paramount
Check thermostat and controls to ensure they are accurately set
  • Incorrect settings can lead to higher energy bills and less optimal home cooling
Click here to view our 18-point air conditioner inspection, tune-up and cleaning checklist
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