Duct Cleaning

Why is duct cleaning necessary?

Your heating and air conditioning systems can act as a collection source for a variety of potentially harmful contaminants such as mould, spores, pollen, human and pet dander, viruses and mites.

This can cause some health issues for you and your family.

Contaminated air can cause you to experience headaches, nausea or irritation of the nose, throat and eyes. If you suffer from allergies, cleaning your ductwork could help improve your indoor air quality.

The removal of such contaminants should be considered an important step in creating a pleasant and healthy indoor environment for your entire family. So you can all breathe a little easier.

A thorough duct cleaning doesn’t just mean removing dust and visible mould from the interior surfaces, it also requires a thorough and safe disinfecting process.

We will sanitize all your air ducts with safe, non-toxic botanical ingredients. This keeps the air safe for infants, pets or anyone who may be extra sensitive to certain cleaning products.

The goal is to get rid of 99.9% of bacteria without any of the toxicity or other drawbacks that come from more aggressive synthetic cleaning chemicals.

What can you expect from A1’s duct cleaning process?

  1. Our friendly Technicians arrive as scheduled with truck-mounted duct cleaning equipment
  2. We inform you about the details of the duct cleaning procedure and will answer any questions that you may have
  3. We switch off the furnace for the duration of the procedure
  4. We connect the vacuum trunk hose to an 8” access opening made in the furnace supply and return air ductwork
  5. The vacuum hose goes to the furnace room and attaches into the access opening. Then each floor or wall register in your house is individually pressure blown with 250psi.
  6. An “air snake” is used to pull back any loose debris to the vacuum hose
  7. An access cover is installed to seal the opening to the supply ductwork
  8. Once all branch lines are cleaned, we focus on cleaning the main lines connected to the furnace.  With the procedure as described above, we clean all air return ductwork lines connected to the furnace.
  9. After all duct cleaning is done, we use a botanical sanitizer called Benefect to safely disinfect the whole air duct system. The product is very safe and is approved by Health Canada. It effectively kills over 99.9% of bacteria, mould and spores.
  10. Your furnace system is turned back on. Our Technician ensures that everything is put back in place and the work area is left clean and tidy.

We’re taking measures to keep you safe during your duct cleaning appointment

In response to COVID-19, all our Technicians are equipped with PPE including masks, gloves and boot covers. We ask that no more than two family members are in the home at the time of the duct cleaning appointment to ensure that we practice social distancing.

How much does duct cleaning cost?

We give our price quotes based on the square footage of your home – no need to count all the individual vents in your home.  Based on the size of your house, our price covers unlimited air ducts. It’s that easy!

So take a step to start improving the air quality in your home – have your home duct system cleaned and sanitized by A1 today!

Discounts may be available, so fill out this contact form or give us a call directly at 647-490-2368 to find out more.

Please note – A1 will never call you about duct cleaning services. There are many scams going around in Ontario, so keep an eye out and always make sure you have a licensed technician coming to your home.

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