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Expert furnace maintenance from A1 that can make a real difference

Yes, we all want our furnaces to be running at optimum efficiency, but since furnace repairs can be costly, A1 recommends preventative furnace maintenance. Our expert A1 Technicians can identify problems early – before you might face a costly repair.

More key reasons why you will benefit from annual furnace maintenance:

  • Your furnace will last longer so you are protecting your investment over time
  • When your furnace runs more efficiently, it brings your heating bill down
  • Can be required to maintain your furnace warranty (check your fine print!)
  • Ensures no harmful gases are escaping from your furnace
  • Helps you avoid any sudden furnace breakdowns and gives you peace of mind
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For $199, A1 offers a precision 32-point inspection, tune-up and cleaning for your furnace. Call us anytime to book this standalone service!

Here’s just some of what we cover in our extensive 32-point furnace tune-up:

Inspect heat exchanger

  • Check the heat exchanger for signs of corrosion and cracks. A cracked heat exchanger can lead to serious problems and usually means it’s time for a replacement so it’s best to catch this problem early

Check limit switch

  • A bad limit switch could cause the furnace to overheat and as a result, will significantly shorten the lifespan of the heat exchanger

Inspect burner and flue

  • Check the burner and flue for signs of water corrosion and blockage. A combination of condensation and soot can cause burners to function improperly and may cause other furnace problems as well. The burner assembly should be cleaned annually or replaced if the existing one is in poor condition

Carbon monoxide safety test (tested with a combustion analyzer)

  • Our certified A1 Technicians will use a combustion analyzer to ensure that there are no issues with carbon monoxide fumes coming from your furnace. A combustion analyzer is an electronic device that effectively tests vented gases directly coming from your furnace to ensure that your furnace is operating safely

Why is testing for carbon monoxide so important?

Testing your furnace each year for possible carbon monoxide leaks is the best reminder you might hear today. Since carbon monoxide is invisible, you won’t know it’s there until you test. Even something as small as a dense spider web can affect the inside of your furnace.

Here’s our experienced A1 Service Technician, Cohayne Greaves, using a combustion analyzer to test for carbon monoxide. He’s checking that its production is within normal levels and that the furnace is operating normally. Yup, there is a test for that! And it’s part of our 32-point inspection, cleaning and tune-up. Let us help make sure your furnace is safe and ready to operate for each winter!

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Click here to see our 32-point furnace inspection, tune-up and cleaning checklist
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