Red Tags

Sometimes you can be faced with an urgent situation where your furnace or water heater has been flagged with a gas code infraction. This is most commonly known as a “red tag”.

Has your furnace been red-tagged?

It’s essential to have a properly functioning furnace to keep your home warm throughout the cold Ontario months. If your furnace gets red-tagged, the natural gas could be shut off, leaving you in the cold – that’s why it’s important to know what a furnace red tag is and how to prevent receiving one.

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A red tag warning will be placed on your furnace if a licensed heating and cooling specialist has identified a safety issue related to the natural gas line. A red tag means your furnace isn’t safe and must either be replaced or repaired. Whether it’s due to a cracked heat exchanger or another pressing issue, a furnace red tag is issued to protect people in your home from dangers that could easily go unnoticed.

There are two main types of red tags:

Most serious…Type A

The most serious type of furnace red tag. A “type A” tag  means a licensed technician has identified an immediate danger that requires the natural gas be shut off immediately. Often this has to do with carbon monoxide leaking into the home through a cracked heat exchanger.

30 day warning for repairs…Type B

Given out more often, a “type B” tag indicates that there isn’t an immediate danger but repair or replacement is required. Upon receiving a B tag, a homeowner will have 30 days to take the necessary steps to have the furnace repaired. If the required repairs aren’t taken care of in the allotted time, the natural gas will be shut off.

The best way to avoid a furnace red tag is to ensure the heating system is well-maintained with annual inspections and service appointments. We depend on our furnaces and the only way to stay on top of the inevitable wear-and-tear is to have it maintained by a certified technician.

Been red tagged? Call A1 for second opinion

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Regular maintenance makes a big difference in both the life of your equipment and your utility bills.

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