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The main difference between the VRF Heat Recovery and Heat Pump system is that the VRF Heat Recovery uses the heat which allows for simultaneous heating and cooling. The VRF Heat pump system allows for only one mode of operation at a time.

VRV/VRF Heat Pump allows you to heat OR cool multiple areas at different times.

VRV/VRF Heat recovery allows you to heat AND/OR Cool at the same time in different areas at different temperatures.

VRV systems help maintain constant, optimal room temperatures and avoid indoor climate variations that can disturb a work-conducive atmosphere. VRV technology allows for independent temperature control in each space.

Occupant-controlled functionality with intuitive zone controllers helps to resolve an age-old comfort complaint from CEOs and employees. Further, integrated system sensors in each zone serve the system by automatically adjusting to compensate for increased or reduced occupancy, while maintaining the desired comfort level in each space.

Key Features of Multi-Zone VRV Systems:

  • Ability to have multiple Indoor heads. Heads come in varying types to maximize space saving.
  • Each area can have its own temperature.
  • Can heat and cool multiple spaces at the same time.
  • Can move heat from areas that are too hot to cooler areas greatly reducing energy consumption.
  • Can heat all winter even down to -30deg C
  • Equipment failure in one area does not affect the rest.
  • A smartphone or tablet PC can be used to monitor and control air-conditioning from anywhere.

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