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HRV or ERV system?

During the winter months, trying to reach a comfortable level of air quality in your home is a constant tug of war. Windows are opened and closed like clockwork – the air getting too stale when closed, or too cold when opened. If only there was some way to have fresh air without the loss of heat…enter Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilation systems.

HRV and ERV units are used to control the air quality in your home while retaining heat from the air exiting your home. This process is carried out through heat transfer…

The air from inside your home will enter the same system as the air from outside your home, but they will never mix. They pass through compartments that are next to each other and the heat from the air leaving your home will pre-heat the air coming in. Through this indirect contact, you can retain 70-80 % of the heat from the outgoing air and save money on your energy bills!

In addition to temperature control, both HRV and ERV units place a large emphasis on the air quality in your home. They can create the ideal humidity level while expelling odours, chemical vapours, and pollutants from your living space.

So which system is right for your home?

Heat Recovery Ventilation systems are made to operate in homes in colder climates that have excess humidity during the winter. Stale air and excess humidity are forced out, and fresh air is brought in without a significant loss of heat.

Energy Recovery Ventilation systems are suitable for climates that are very dry during the winter, and very humid during the summer. ERVs trap moisture from the air inside your house (winter) and limit the amount that enters (summer).

Here at A1 we tend to recommend ERV units. ERVs perform all the same heat retention capabilities as HRVs, with the added bonus of retaining moisture in your home during the winter and keeping it out during the summer. After all, most of the cost of energy is in the moisture, so you won’t be wasting it with an ERV.

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