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Deciding whether to repair or replace your furnace?

This decision can depend on many factors. We don’t want it to be stressful for you! We have summarized the key things that you should consider before you keep repairing an older furnace or open up your wallet to buy a new furnace. Furnaces are expensive – but so are repeated service repairs. So, lets talk this though to uncover some facts about your own unique situation.

Here are the questions that you should ask yourself.


What is the age of my furnace?

Furnaces typically last between 15 and 18 years. If your furnace is more than 12- 15 years old, small warning signs carry more weight.


What are the costs and frequency of my furnace repairs?

If your furnace needs frequent repairs, it might be more cost-effective to replace it. Consider the cost of the repair in relation to the price of a new furnace. You would not spend $15,000 to repair a car that is only worth $25,000 – same logic applies to furnaces.

  • Fixing or replacing the heat pump, heat exchanger, coils, and blower motor are usually the most expensive parts to fix on a furnace, all of which can total up to $2,000 or more for repair or replacement.
  • Since the average cost of a new furnace can be around $5,000 – $5,500, a $2,000 repair is usually a good time to think about replacement.
  • Any repair that nears 30% of the furnace’s value is probably a sign that you should replace it, especially if it’s 10 years or older.


Am I seeing big Increases in my heating bill?

You should try to compare the cost of your heating bills from the most recent heating season with bills from previous years. If you notice a significant difference in recent heating usage statements, your furnace is likely consuming too much energy. Look at the energy used for your furnace – not the total dollars on your bill (your monthly bill likely includes many other things than just the bare cost of the natural gas). If you’re continuing to use your system economically and can’t account for this increase, it may be time to replace your furnace if it is old.

  • New furnaces are much more efficient. Even the most efficient heating systems lose efficiency as they age.
  • You can subtract about 5% efficiency for each year of your heating system’s operation: on average, a 10-year-old furnace with 95% efficiency will only be operating at about 45% efficiency today. That means for every dollar you are spending on your gas bill, over half of it is not effectively heating your home!


Am I noticing some uneven heating in different rooms?

If you notice uneven heating or certain rooms feeling colder than others, it could indicate that your furnace is struggling to keep up with demand, and replacing it might be a wise decision. As the heating power in an older furnace declines, you may notice that rooms further along the length of your ductwork system aren’t receiving the right heat levels. Blower fans may not work as efficiently over time and the heated air is not moving to the farthest point of your ductwork.


Is my furnace still safe? Could I have emissions coming from my furnace?

Older furnaces are dirtier and parts can crack or corrode over time. Carbon monoxide (CO) is a toxic, odorless, clear gas that can make you sick or even result in fatalities. The only way to tell for certain that your furnace is producing and leaking CO is to have a professional use a CO detector. If the burner produces CO, you should replace your furnace to keep you and your family safe.


Why am I hearing strange noises coming from my furnace?

If your furnace is older and you notice strange noises coming from your furnace could be a sign of a problem. Popping, banging, screeching, rattling, and squealing noises aren’t only loud and distracting—they’re also a sign that your unit could be overheating, which causes metal to expand or grind against objects inside. If your furnace is old, costly repairs could be on the horizon.


Want help deciding? A1 can help with your decision.

At A1, we are happy to continue this discussion with you or answer any other questions that you might have.

 Just give us a call at 647-494-4978. One of our A1 Solutions Specialists can help you make a rational decision that is right for you and your family. Best to do this while you are not under pressure to decide!

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