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Check Your Thermostat if Your Furnace is Blowing Cold Air

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Fall weather came late this year, but it has finally arrived! As furnaces are humming all over the city, our phone has started ringing with customers asking about all kinds of furnace problems. If your furnace is blowing cold air, be sure to check the thermostat settings before calling for furnace repair.

Purpose of HVAC Fan
Once the air is heated inside the furnace, it’s distributed throughout your home by the furnace fan. There are two settings for your fan on the thermostat: ON and AUTO.

When your thermostat fan is set to ON, it’s constantly running — whether the furnace is producing warm air or not. When the furnace shuts off and stops producing warm air, the fan continues to distribute air throughout the home; however, now it’s just room temperature air.

When the thermostat fan is set to AUTO, the fan only engages when the furnace is producing warm air, thereby only distributing warm air throughout your home.

Check Your Thermostat Often
Remember that as we head into the holiday season, while you’re entertaining guests at your home, there’s a greater chance that someone will try to adjust the thermostat. So if you notice that your normally-working furnace is suddenly sending out cool air — don’t panic. Check your thermostat settings before calling for furnace repair.

If you’ve checked the thermostat setting and your furnace is still blowing cold air, you could have a problem with an overheated furnace — try replacing your furnace filter. A dirty and clogged filter could cause the heating system to trip the limit switch, thereby turning off the burners, sending cold air throughout the home.

If after checking the thermostat and changing the furnace filter, you’re still struggling with cold air from the furnace, contact A1 Air Conditioning and Heating to schedule a furnace service call.

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