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8 Tips to Getting Your Home Vacation Ready

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You’ve packed your bag, said your goodbyes and you’re about to embark on your well-deserved holiday.  You feel prepared for your trip, but is your home? Maybe you’re headed to an icy destination or you’re a snowbird flying somewhere hot.  Don’t sweat it (yet) – A1 has got you covered with eight expert tips to getting your home vacation-ready. 

  1. Water – Make sure to shut off your main water supply to prevent unwanted leaking while you’re away.  If you have a Hot Water Tank, turn the gas control to “Vacation Mode.” Put chlorine in toilet bowls to reduce bacteria buildup and staining.
  2. Electricity – While your first instinct may be to turn your lights off completely, we recommend putting your lights on a programmed schedule. The lights flicking on and off can simulate someone being home, discouraging unwanted visitors.  This can be done through a mechanical timer or a Smart Light system.
  3. Heating – If you shut the furnace down and your pipes freeze, they could burst and flood your home when they thaw.  To prevent this occurrence (while still maintaining energy savings), set your thermostat between 15C/59F-18C/65F degreesIf you have a Smart thermostat, this can be done from your mobile device.
  4. Safety – Before leaving, run a vacuum over the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to prevent blockage around the sensors.  Once this is complete, stock the detectors with fresh batteries to ensure they are operational for the duration of your vacation.
  5. Waste – Take out all garbage and recycling before leaving. Run ½ a cup of vinegar and water through the garbage disposal to flush out any excess food waste.
  6. Mail – If you’re taking a longer trip, ask a friend or neighbour to collect your mail.  Another option is to have your mail redirected to your local post office.
  7. Insurance – Most companies require you to have someone check on the home if you’re away for more than five days. It’s a good idea to review the details of your own insurance policy to make sure you’re covered if something goes wrong.
  8. Security – Whether you have an unmonitored alarm, or you monitor your home yourself through a Smart doorbell, check that you have turned on your system before you leave.  It’s also a good idea to have an emergency contact person, should there be any issues at the home while you’re gone. 

The last thing you need after a trip is to come home to an unwanted problem.  We hope you enjoy your time away knowing your home is as vacation-ready as you are.  For more home tips, check out our other blogs.

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