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7 Simple Ways to Avoid Getting the Flu

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Across the country, up to 15% of the population will suffer from fever, headaches, and chills related to influenza each year. Whenever someone with the flu sneezes or coughs, chances are good that the airborne virus will infect another victim. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to protect you and your family from airborne pollutants and viruses.   

Get the Flu Shot
While the flu shot is not 100-percent effective, it’s still the best (and simplest) way to protect yourself from the flu.  The flu shot is available at most drug and grocery stores without an appointment or can be easily scheduled with your family doctor.  

High-Efficiency Filters
Regularly changing the filters in your HVAC system can help keep viruses at bay by blocking mould spores, dust mites, and pet dander. A whole-home filtration system is even more effective at trapping microscopic particulates to keep your family comfortable.  

Ultraviolet Lights
Ultraviolet Germicidal UV Lights have been proven to destroy microorganisms that tend to grow in moist environments like the indoor coils and condensate pan in your air conditioner.  Destroying airborne microorganisms will make the air in your home healthy, which lowers your chances of flu-related viruses.  

Stop the Spread
Flu is highly contagious and is commonly spread from person to person through coughing, sneezing and talking or by touching contaminated surfaces.  To stop the spread of the flu virustry to distance yourself from those who may be sick or other people if you’re sick.  Make sure to avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth, use a tissue when sneezing and coughing, and regularly wash your hands with soap. 

Strengthen Your Immune System
Eat healthy and balanced meals with plenty of fruits and vegetables to help keep your immune system strong.  Keeping up with a regular exercise routine can also be a great immune booster.  Most importantly, don’t skimp on sleep. Constantly running on little sleep can weaken your immune system, making your chances of getting the flu much higher. 

Indoor Air Quality
We are pleased to offer a range of indoor air quality products that can combat airborne pollutants and allergens in your home. Our licensed technicians can help identify the best solutions to keeping your family happy, healthy, and comfortable! 

Get Treatment Immediately
If you’re already sick, get treatment as quickly as you can. Treating the flu within the first 72 hours can reduce its symptoms by up to 2 days.

For information on how A1 can help keep you and your family healthy this season, give us a call at 905-844-2949 or visit our other blogs.

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