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Electrical Panel Upgrades

You will find that most newer homes these days will come standard with a 200-amp electrical panel. These 200-amp panels are designed to handle the electrical demands demanded by today’s lifestyle, with many more appliances and devices demanding energy than ever before.

A1 will evaluate the load capacity on your current electrical panel and provide professional advice for upgrade options if required.

If your home has a 200-amp panel, you likely won’t need to upgrade it before installing a home EV charger. The main exception to this is if your 200-amp panel is already operating at or near its capacity. However, this would likely only be the case if your home has a higher power demand than most.

Over time, home owners may have added hot tubs, electric water heaters, induction stoves, pool heaters, etc. to their homes. This will have increased the total electrical draw on the main electrical panel. A1 can inspect your current panel and provide you with the right professional advice.

For homes with 100-amp panels, however, an electrical panel upgrade may be required. Electrical panels with a 100-amp capacity were standard for many decades but are unable to properly handle the electrical demands of an EV charger.

A1 can provide any upgrades to your electrical panel if required. A home inspection by one of our certified electricians is required and then we can provide you with your options and a professional quote for the upgrades.

Why hire an electrician to install an EV charger?

Electrical work can be dangerous and is always best left to a Licensed Electrician with the expertise, equipment and training to do the job safely. We can do that!

Using a licensed electrician is a requirement to be eligible for installation rebates in Ontario (when available).

See below the many reasons to hire a licensed electrician to install your level 2 Electric Vehicle (EV) car charger:

  • When looking to hire an electrical contractor in Toronto, it is important to ensure that they are ESA/ECRA licensed and WSIB insured. This will safeguard against any unfortunate accidents and ensure you have the right person working on your equipment
  • You will need an assessment of associated requirements (outlet upgrade or panel upgrade)
  • All solutions must meet eligibility requirements for installation rebate in Ontario (when available) • You will get professional assistance in submitting rebate for purchase and installation of your charger
  • It is important to get the right recommendation that is appropriate and the best convenient location for your charger

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Whether you have a current EV charger that needs to be installed or if you are still deciding on which charger to buy, A1 can help on both fronts. To get an installation quote on the phone, please have the following information ready while you are calling to get a quote.

  • Picture of your current electrical panel – we will need to know if you have any space on your panel for the charger
  • Location of your electrical panel (distance from your car)
  • Name of EV charger if you have already purchased it and need installation

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