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When should I consider replacing my air conditioner?

Air conditioners usually have to be replaced every 12-15 years. Some signs that it’s time to replace your air conditioner includes rising utility bills, hot spots in your house or frequent repairs. In terms of when during the year, we install air conditioners all year long, but you’ll be happier if you have your new air conditioner installed before needing it during the hot summer months.

What’s the number one thing I can do to keep my air conditioner in good shape?

Make sure to take the cover off your air conditioner before you use it and ensure the unit is free of debris like leaves and sticks. Trim back any bushes or plants beside it to ensure that there’s plenty of room for heat coming from the condenser to dissipate from the unit.

It’s a big investment – what options do I have for financing?

Not ready to make the financial investment, but need a new air conditioner now?

No problem, A1 has you covered with our Rent to Own program. It includes a brand-new system installed by our experts and affordable monthly payments. Click here for all the details.

How often should my air conditioner be cleaned and maintained?

You should have your air conditioner maintained every year in order to comply with the manufacturer’s warranty. Many home insurance plans also require annual maintenance on heating and cooling equipment.

Are protection plans a good investment?

The cost of a protection plan is generally less than the price of an annual tune-up, plus it includes services calls and other benefits. A protection plan ensures peace of mind and helps you avoid expensive repairs.

What does a protection plan include?

The A1 protection and maintenance plans all include an annual inspection, tune-up and cleaning, plus free or discounted service calls, repairs, parts and labour. Click here for an overview of our plans.

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