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Don’t forget to switch your humidifier damper to the summer setting

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It’s time to get ready for summer.

The first day of summer is less than a month away and summer temperatures will be here even sooner. To truly relax this summer, you have to make sure that your home is comfortable.

We have declared June 1st as “Turn on Your Air Conditioner Day” and that day is quickly approaching. Are you ready?

There are several types of humidifiers, among them: Portable Humidifiers, Single Room Humidifiers, and Flow-Through Humidifiers. This advice only applies to Flow-Through Humidifiers, which are attached directly to your home comfort system.

We’re just getting through the dry winter and humidification is very important to your comfort. Just as important is dehumidification in the summer. A home that is too humid can not only affect your comfort but it can damage your home. Your walls could really be sweating.

With humidifiers being a key part of a modern Canadian home, many systems use a Flow-Through Humidifier. If you do, then you have some preparation to complete before the summer starts. Switch your humidifier damper into the summer position.

If you fail to do this before the summer starts, it can lead to poor airflow in your air conditioner which will draw the cool air back over your cooling coils and cause the system to freeze-up.

The damper could be one of two things: a knob with a summer/winter setting which you should switch back and forth when each season starts, or a piece of metal that covers the duct opening. To find out which one you have, consult your system’s manual.

If you are unsure whether or not your system requires this adjustment, don’t be afraid to give A1 a call.

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