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Tips to Keep Your Air Conditioner Quiet

air conditioner quiet

Your air conditioner is meant to bring you comfort, not noise. We’ve all had that moment when we’re sitting outside enjoying the summer weather and out of nowhere, it sounds like a jet engine is taking off. That’s why we’re bringing you tips to keep your air conditioner quiet.

The first thing we always address with our customers is how old is your system? With the continuing development of air conditioner technology, air conditioners get quieter all the time, but older air conditioners can be quite loud. They may have been quiet to begin with, but as the machine ages; it develops problems and needs parts replacements, which can cause it to get loud and noisy.

An abnormally loud air conditioner can affect not only your comfort but also your bank account. An increase in the noise level of your air conditioner’s operation often means that there is some kind of inefficiency within the system. Depending on the age and fit of your home, here are some potential solutions to help keep your air conditioner quiet:

  • The noise coming from your air conditioner can be a result of a lot of things. After powering your unit off, you should first and foremost check the fan. Remove any debris you see accumulated around the fan blades in your air conditioner. Check that the fan is properly secured and isn’t loosening, causing the loud noise you may be hearing. Finally, check that your blades are still their proper shape– if they’re crooked or bent, they will certainly cause excessive noise.
  • If you are still hearing some excess noise beyond the fan, check the body of the unit itself. When your air conditioner runs, it vibrates all over, which can cause screws to come loose and create a lot of noise.
  • You may also need to check if your unit is still level or if it has shifted. This can occur with a backyard renovation or a tree root that is overgrown. A unit that’s not level can cause damage to a compressor and potentially shorten the life of your central air.

Many of these issues stem from a lack of equipment maintenance. Therefore, having your system checked and cleaned regularly means that you’ll be able to spot where parts begin to fail and where your machine has to compensate for them. You’ll also be able to get to the root of why these parts began to fail in the first place and adjust your home comfort system and settings accordingly.

Finally, some systems are improperly sized upon installation. An improperly sized system will never work properly in your home and will run irregular cycles. Consult an A1 Heating & Cooling expert to discuss next steps to get your system set up properly and keep your air conditioner quiet!

With proper maintenance and adjustments, your system should be able to run less, have shorter cycles and operate closer to its original state.

Keep your system running efficiently and quietly, to hush the noise pollution in and around your home, click here and schedule maintenance with A1 today.


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