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Should I Cover My Air Conditioner in the Winter?

We often get a lot of questions from homeowners about whether they should or should not cover their AC during the late fall/winter months. It makes [...]

How to Handle and Prevent Air Conditioner Leaks

Leakage in your air conditioning unit can be a real headache, especially when the mercury starts to climb. If you’ve found yourself with an underperforming [...]

When to Turn on your AC?

Summer is fast approaching and soon we will be facing those uncomfortably hot temperatures. We’re often teased with a sprinkle of summer in April and [...]

Tips to Cool Down Naturally to Help Reduce Summer Hydro Bills

When the dog days of summer roll around, turning on the AC is something we do to keep our homes cool and comfortable! But are [...]

5 Easy Spring AC Tips

Spring is here, and it’s time to get your central air conditioning system ready for the hot days of summer. By giving your AC a [...]

How Long Does an Air Conditioner Last?

A common question we get from homeowners is how long they can expect an air conditioner to last. While there are a number of different [...]

Protect the AC During Home Renovations

Summer is the perfect time to get started on an exciting home renovation project, but have you thought about how this could affect your air [...]

VRV—What is it and How Does it Work?

The Daikin VRV is an innovative multi-split system offered by Daikin that uses variable refrigerant flow to offer precise and individual temperature control to different [...]

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