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Help! My AC Stopped Working!

As the temperature rises and you begin to feel the humidity of summer, often the first thing you want to do is turn the air conditioner all the way up. BUT if you notice that your AC stopped working, it can be frustrating and stressful—not to mention hot and uncomfortable! Too often, what may seem like a big problem can have a simple solution, so make sure to go over the following AC troubleshooting tips before calling an A1 technician to avoid unnecessary service costs.

1. Your AC Won’t Turn On
If your air conditioner isn’t turning on, first check if your breaker switch (normally marked AC) has been tripped or if a fuse has blown. Your air conditioner likely has two breakers, one for the indoor unit and one for the outdoor unit.

**It’s very important that you take extra caution with tripped breakers!**

Next, check that the furnace switch is flipped. Even though you’re not using the heating system, if the furnace switch is turned off, your air conditioner won’t work.

 Also, make sure to check your thermostat and ensure the settings are correct! Believe it or not, we’ve been called many times into homes to simply turn the thermostat to “COOL.” Some of the newer thermostats can be tricky and homeowners may be able to save themselves time and money by simply reading the manual.

If the above suggestions didn’t work—turn your air conditioner off—your evaporator coil may be frozen and an AC that isn’t working is just using power for no reason.

2. Your AC Is Blowing Hot Air
If your air conditioner turns on and your thermostat is set properly, but your system still won’t cool, your air condenser may be dirty or clogged. The first step is to check the outside unit and make sure no plants, dirt or debris are blocking air from circulating. Keeping the area tidy and clean is important for proper operation—so be sure to trim any bushes or trees if needed.

Next, check your filter and make sure it’s clean. Dust, dirt and debris can get trapped, restricting airflow. This can cause warm air to blow throughout your home or your AC to overheat and turn off entirely. If after cleaning your condenser and filter, your air conditioner still is not working, you may have a problem with your compressor or refrigerant. For these problems, you will need to contact a professional that can safely inspect your cooling system.

3. Your AC Isn’t Adequately Cooling Your Home
If your air conditioner is running but not cooling your home to your standards, you may have a unit that is not sized appropriately. A1’s home comfort experts can visit your home and help you find your ideal heating and cooling solution based on your home size, key features of your home and your personal needs!

If your AC stopped working and our troubleshooting tips did not rectify the cooling problem, contact A1 Air Conditioning & Heating to schedule a service call and we’ll be able to diagnose the issue and offer you a solution!

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