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12-Point “Cold Weather” Checklist

Winter Checklist for Your Home

Yes, the cold weather is nearly upon us (heavy sigh!) and now is the time to make sure you are ready. Here is our handy 12-point “cold weather” checklist to help you get your home ready for the heating season!

1. Change your furnace filter

Stale air and little to no airflow can affect how you feel. To clarify, allergens in the air – like dust, mould, mildew, pet dander – can lead to sneezing, irritated nose and throat, congestion, and asthma flare-ups. And when your furnace is not running efficiently from a clogged filter, you can unknowingly drive up both your natural gas and electricity costs. Additionally, indoor pollutants can reduce the life expectancy of your equipment.

2. Turn your furnace on early!

Don’t’ leave it to an extremely cold day to find out your furnace isn’t working.

3. Schedule a 32-point furnace tune-up with A1 today!

Besides cleaning and tuning up your furnace, we will also check the CO levels in your home, check drain lines from the furnace to ensure no blockage (can cause water backup). As a result, your furnace can run safely and efficiently.

Change the furnace filter

4. Check your fireplace and other gas appliances

Schedule a fireplace tune-up with A1. Why? Extreme heat causes dirt build-up over time which can corrode and affect the working parts of your fireplace. Your fireplace eventually ages over time. Plus, it’s important to check CO levels and keep your fireplace looking sparkly clean!

Check smoke detector as part of 12-point cold weather checklist

5. Check CO detectors

For battery-driven detectors, ensure they are operating and check that they haven’t gone past the expiration date – there is usually a 5-7 year lifespan

6. Check smoke detector

Vacuum and check batteries if required.

7. Cover your outdoor AC unit

Clean the debris around the AC unit and put a cover over your unit. Above all, make sure the cover is not too tight to avoid rust, caused by condensation.

8. Consider installing an HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilator)

You’ll be closing the windows and doors this winter, which means you’ll have less fresh air in your home. An HRV brings fresh air into your home and creates a healthier indoor air environment. It provides your house with ventilation and controls wintertime condensation that can damage windows, insulation, and furniture. Because of this, it’s like having your windows open in the winter!

9. Get your ducts cleaned

If you’re ready to hunker down for the winter and haven’t had your ducts cleaned in a few years or you’ve had recent renovations, now is a great time to get your ducts cleaned. We recommend every 3-5 years.

10. Clean dryer vents

You can add on a dryer vent cleaning to your A1 duct cleaning appointment. A clean dryer vent can help your dryer run more efficiently, saving you money and drying time. Additionally, it can prevent expected breakdowns and safety issues like fires.

11. Open the humidifier damper (bypass humidifiers only)

During the summer, we don’t need the added humidity in our homes, so the damper is closed to keep any additional moisture out. Because we’re entering the heating season, it’s extremely important to remember to open humidifier dampers for the upcoming winter. We also recommend setting the humidity level on your humidistat or thermostat and allow 24-48 hours for the humidity level to change inside your home.

12. Replace humidifier panel

Did you know that calcium buildup and mould can form on the water panel of your humidifier? The panel should be replaced once a year (can be done during A1 furnace inspection).

We hope our 12-point “cold weather” checklist can help you be ready for the heating season.

Speak to one of our team members by calling (905) 844-2949 or book an appointment online if you need any help getting your home ready for winter!

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